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Construction of the Barracks

The building was originally constructed between 1870 and 1875 as a Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks by the British Government. To understand the reason for this we need to go back to 1866.

In 1866 the British and American Magnetic Telegraph Company successfully laid a telegraph cable across the Atlantic ocean from Valentia Island, Co. Kerry to Newfoundland, thus establishing telegraph communication between Europe and America.

This task had taken several attempts and cost a vast sum of money, so it is easy to imagine the consternation of the British Government when in the very next year, the Frnians of Cahersiveen had their ill fated rising against the British. The British concerned that a future uprising might pose a threat to the security of the cable, commissioned the architect Enoch Trevor – Owen to build a large police Barracks in Cahersiveen

Our Story


The Old Barracks is full of history dating back to its construction from 1870 - 1875. Its life mirrors all significant events in Irish history from the Civil War and  War of Independence right through to the Ireland of today.
Read all about the local Fenians and the part that they played in the uprising of 1867. See the story about the role
the Old Barracks and the Royal Irish Constabulary played in the history of the local area. Read about the Architecture,
Construction and Life of the Old  Barracks. View original plans from the National Archives.

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